Is My Idea Good or Bad?

When I talk to most people about their ideas, they often think in terms of “is my idea a good idea, or is it a bad idea?”. I can honestly say that most of the ideas I have heard are pretty decent ideas, or are at least ideas that seem helpful and useful in certain situations. Unfortunately, asking if your idea is good or bad is the wrong question, because it is ultimately just someone’s opinion until the idea is proven to work and be popular after it is built. You are also unlikely to get honest answers from people you ask, because they won’t want to offend you – especially if you are mainly asking friends and relatives. Continue reading Is My Idea Good or Bad?

Upcoming Book: Get Real With Your App Idea

Get Real With Your Idea: Evaluating App Ideas from a Technical Perspective

Have an app idea? How can you know if your idea is worth the effort? How do you know if it’s even possible with current technology? Where do you start and who do you talk to? This book will guide you though the steps to get the answers to all your questions, and help you put together a solid plan to help your app idea succeed.


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The New SoundingBoard

Welcome to the new! This is a blog to help you think critically through your app idea so that you can learn how to evaluate the technical viability of your idea, even if you are not a developer.

In the next few posts, I will help you answer questions like:

  • Is my idea even possible?
  • Does my idea require data or information that I don’t have?
  • Does my idea require a 3rd party integration?
  • Does my idea require a central database or web service to function?
  • … and many more

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